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Purchase Real Estate Photography with Garey Gomez
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Real Estate Photography Tutorial

Garey Gomez’s comprehensive course on the art and business of real estate photography, with lessons on how to compose, light, and edit every photo with beautiful results that will make you stand out in your market. This workflow is simple and efficient, and best of all, it’s repeatable in almost every room, taking the guess work out of lighting and making editing a breeze.

Complete digital download to watch on any device.

$199 - Use Coupon Code “PFRE” for $30 off on your order

Over30Lessons5 HOURS.png
  • Composition - how to create thoughtful compositions following a few basic rules.

  • Lighting theory - how to create great light.

  • Gear - my real estate photography kit, and why less is more.

  • Intro to shooting with flash - learn the ropes if you’re new to shooting with flash.

  • How to light every room in two steps, and how to edit quickly.

  • Interviews with two real estate agents - learn what they’re looking for in a great photographer.

  • Business topics - Contracts, Pricing, Cost of Doing Business

  • Budgeting worksheet - my custom spreadsheet to get a firm grasp on your costs so you can set your prices and hit your income goals.

  • Bonus Material - Advanced Photoshop editing techniques for your portfolio.

  • Private Facebook Group - Get tips, support, and feedback from Garey and the community.