INTERVIEW: Shooting Spaces Podcast

On April 2, 2019, Garey Gomez was interviewed on the Shooting Spaces Podcast about his photography. In the interview, Garey talks about what’s most important to him when shooting, and gives some insights into his career as an architectural photographer, his shooting workflow for real estate listings, and what he looks for when deciding how to make the best photos he can.

This week, we chat with Garey Gomez. Garey is an Atlanta based real estate and architectural photographer. Besides producing incredible work, he also recently created a new video tutorial series in collaboration with PFRE. His video tutorial is a great for photographers at every level.

In this episode, we discuss technique, business and even dive into specific techniques on some of Garey’s images from his portfolio. We definitely suggest browsing through the portfolio before listening. Great episode with a great and and great photographer!!
— Shooting Spaces Podcast