How to Deal with Flash Glare in Windows

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Shooting with flash is probably the best way to deal with overcoming the high dynamic range challenge when shooting interiors. But there are some challenges that present themselves often when using flash and we all tend to develop techniques of our own to deal with them. One of those challenges that I come across all the time is dealing with reflections in windows or in framed art which are caused by my flash.

I hand-hold my flash somewhere above my camera and point it at the ceiling. Sometimes I’ll see a large spot of glare in the window caused by my flash, and that forces me to place my flash elsewhere–a pretty simple solution. But what do you do where there is so much glass around you that you can’t seem to “hide” the flash reflection effectively, no matter where you place it?

In this short video, I show you one such example and go over what I do to overcome the issue with just an extra 10-15 seconds on site and 30 seconds in post.

How do you handle this situation?

Garey GomezComment